the opportunity

In 2017, Celadon was looking for a branding specialized
consultant agency for developing their new, most luxurious precinct –
locating inside the residential complex in the West of Saigon.

Their objectives were, first to position the new precinct as
their highest price, premium product among all of the existing ones
in the complex; second to develop an extension for its components.

And Jodric was thrilled to join.
the workshop

To align our expectations and make use of both parties' expertise,
Jodric hosted a workshop where we involved the client in the thinking process,
narrated our thought then showed them the suggested solutions
with pros/cons analysis.

The workshop applied the Design Thinking approach, which helps us
 precisely pinpoint true challenge of the project and draw out the real needs
from the client quicker. This method allows us to work, advice, support the client
rather than combating over a polished, final design.

the outcome

Inspired by the meticulous geometric cuts of the diamond facets,
the logotype is developed into a sharp, clean, and angular look.
The letters acquire their pointy ends, which replicate the gem's edge.
This logotype consolidates the whole concept of the project.

brand icons
Due to the diamonds' distinctive cuts, we can directly pull off the characteristic
 of the form into the brand icon without sacrifice the look and
maintaining the uniqueness of each brand extension.
Thank you!

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